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Our Pride And Joy

Looking to boost your account to the next echelon?

The Very Very Very Strongest

We have a strong link with the predator community, so we are their preferred platform as known members of the ecosystem. We can ensure service from the best.

Client support 24/7

Customer support is here for you. if you have any inquiries or doubts about the process please feel free to leave us a message or an email through our Contact Us page.

Security is our #1 concern

We take the security of our customers very seriously. Ensuring we precautiously perform the task for the quickest, most hassle-free experience we can deliver; Trust is our asset.

What is Apex Legends boosting?

In short, apex legends boosting is a service that lends a hand to apex players to achieve difficult and time consuming ranks and badges in apex legends. Our boosting services are not only for players that still haven't bloomed into their best apex legends form, but also for players that would be out of town and can't grind themselves. While boosting could be frowned upon and discouraged, we have helped a lot of our customers to become better players through additional services such as streaming and duo-carry.

How will Boostify boost my account?

There are no tricks or glitches to it. We boost accounts by playing on them LEGITIMATELY, we have the best roster of boosters that consists of players with atleast 1 year of boosting experience and all-time predators. We have never failed to deliver. Give us a try and you will not regret it.

Will i get banned if I use Boostify?

No. We have boosted thousands of accounts over the years, and have an impregnable 0% ban rate. This is because we do not use any exploits or aimbot or anything that could jeopardize your account. We have nothing to hide which is why we provide our streaming option to see the boosting process for yourself.


Frequently asked questions

Who are We?

We founded this website as a response to the unfair market conditions in boosting.
Preds were getting underpaid for their work and given small percentages of revenue by websites.
This is what an OG Predator with deep roots in the community and his web-dev best friend sought out to change.
We thought if we could provide direct contact from customer to professional without unnessecary bureaucratic third parties, we could slash prices and pay our professionals more.
Meaning the best come to us.
Humbly, all we wanted to do was fix a broken system that was affecting people close to us and the game that we all love. Nonetheless we are so happy to have the opportunity to do so and continue to thank each and every one of you that have shown support and love for the project.

Why? Boostify

A true connection with our boosters

The CEO behind this project has been a predator from seasons 2-8. Throughout he has devloped a strong relationship with other predators through their competitive spirit. What we wanted to achieve with Boostify is a direct connection between a customer and the best boosters on the market. With no leeches in between.


"Safety first, dearies, and then, of course, utter mayhem."

All our Boosters are required to connect to our VPN server before starting the boosting process. We ensure privacy and security at all times from our professionals. Then inherently they can proceed to decimate their lobbies.

Lightning fast

As soon as we get an order we notify all our boosters of an opening. Depending on availablity the maximum time before your order is started will be 24 hours. And we usually finish the order within those same 48h. We dont want players who love playing the game to stop for any more than they need to.



We take user satisfaction as our utmost importance. Please feel free to contact us about any complaints or inquiries about your order. We are confident in our boosters and have a 30 day Money-Back guaranteed policy for any incompleted orders or negative experiences.

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